At the Law Office of Steven R. Smith, with over 30 years of experience exclusively in the field of accidents, we handle cases involving all types of personal injuries. The most common types of cases are motor vehicle accidents. These can be a car, truck, or bus, or a pedestrian or bicyclist struck by a car, truck, or bus. After an accident, you need the skilled representation of a knowledgeable personal injury accident attorney to represent your case assertively. Without an experienced attorney from the very start, insurance companies will take advantage and try to destroy the value of your case.

There are crucial steps that must be taken right from the start and cutoff dates which can't be exceeded. You can get an aggressive approach from the Law Office of Steven R. Smith and your case can benefit from our legal team's experience right from the start. When you need the experience and guidance of an auto accident lawyer, we are here to provide the assistance you deserve. Get in touch with us for fierce advocacy in New York, Long Island, and the surrounding areas of Hempstead, Westbury, Queens, Hicksville, and Mineola.

Steps to Take After a Car Wreck

Here are just a few things you should keep in mind after a car accident or an accident involving any kind of automobile:

  1. Never tell anyone at the scene of the accident that the accident was your fault. Wait until your attorney investigates to determine whether the accident was totally, partially, or not your fault at all.

  2. Take photographs and video at the scene of the accident. Skid marks on the road, placement of vehicles on the road, stop signs, overhanging branches, double-parked cars, and damage to each vehicle help prove who is at fault.

  3. Call the police to the accident scene even if the other person offers to pay for your damage out of their pocket so that their insurance rates would not go up. They may change their mind later.

  4. Go to the emergency room to get checked out, even if you are just shaken up. Many times your body is so tense and upset that you don't realize that you suffered an injury. When your case is ready to be settled, the insurance company always tries to say that you couldn't really be injured since you didn't go to the hospital after the accident.

  5. Consult with us immediately. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and there is no substitute for good legal advice. Do not speak with any insurance company, whether it be yours or the other vehicle's insurance company, until you speak with our office first. We will report the accident for you and make sure that neither insurance company twists your statement to be used against you. We will make sure that all required documents are filed on time and we will strive to protect your rights. We are your complete personal injury service.

Your Legal Rights & Responsibilities

No-Fault Medical & Lost Earnings Coverage

In New York, when you are involved in an automobile accident, whether you are a driver, passenger, pedestrian, or bicyclist (but not ordinarily a motorcyclist, although there may be some exceptions), your medical bills will be paid through "No-Fault" automobile insurance. However, an application is required to be filed within 30 days of the accident, and while some attorneys charge their clients a fee for this service, we at the Law Office of Steven R. Smith never charge a fee for assisting in your No-Fault claim and always file your application on time. More importantly, there are questions on the form which require an expert response, or else they will be twisted around to hurt your case later.

If you are in an accident with a motor vehicle that has no insurance, did you know that there is still a way to obtain monetary compensation for your injuries? Yes—if you have your own policy, by law, you are required to be provided with at least $25,000 coverage under the "Uninsured Motorist" portion of your policy. Even if you don't have your own policy, there is a system set up to provide $25,000 in coverage. However, to be eligible for this, your insurance company must be put on notice of this potential situation. At the Law Office of Steven R. Smith, we always timely notify the insurance company so that they cannot claim that they were not aware of this potential claim.



Statute of Limitations in New York

While approximately 90% of our cases are settled without the need to file a costly and time-consuming lawsuit, there are times when a lawsuit cannot be avoided. There are time limitations that vary depending upon the type of accident claim and whom the claim is against. In some cases, the law requires that the party you intend to sue be provided with a written "Notice" within 90 days of the accident that you intend to bring a claim against them. Some lawsuits must be filed anywhere between one year to three years from the date of the accident. You need our guidance to be sure that your rights are protected and that your claim is filed on time!

With over 30 years of experience exclusively handling accident cases, we're ready to provide you with compassionate and assertive guidance. Rely on the professional accident services of our firm.

Get the Compensation You Are Owed

If you have been injured due to negligence, it is essential to seek out representation as soon as possible. The negligent party may decide to settle for a lesser amount than you are owed. With the right compensation from a seasoned injury lawyer, you have the best chance of a successful outcome in your injury case. We will see to it that you are rightfully compensated for pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills, property damage, and other related damages.

Your Health Is Your Priority

After you experience a wreck on the road, our first goal is to make sure you get the medical help you need to recover from your injuries. Our firm will be able to assist you in obtaining a vast array of medical help if you do not have your own doctors, from conservative care, Pain Management Specialists to advanced Spinal Surgery. We just want to make sure that you get the medical treatment that you need to get better. Remember, in an automobile accident, the medical bills are paid by No-Fault insurance, no matter whose fault the accident is. There's no need to be afraid of incurring and accumulating medical bills. Get better- that's what matters

Our firm has been fighting for innocent injured accident victims for decades. We know all too well the tactics and strategies insurance companies use to have your claim denied or settled for less than you deserve. You have already been a victim once; don’t let an insurance company make you a victim again.

Schedule a Free Consultation

We know that when you are in a car crash, you are experiencing a lot of stress and are faced with difficult questions. How am I going to pay for my medical bills? What about my vehicle? How long am I going to be out of work? All of this financial pressure is coming at a time when you are most vulnerable. You are physically and emotionally devastated. Now is not the time to try and go it alone. Because of these financial and emotional stresses, insurance companies know that they have this window of opportunity to entice you to settle your claim for the amount they are offering. You need to remember that the nice adjuster you are talking to is an employee of the insurance company and his or her job is to get you to settle for as little as possible.

Without legal counsel, you can also be unwittingly led into a trap by making seemingly harmless and polite responses that will damage your claim or even have your claim denied. For these reasons and more, we advise you to call us immediately. Let's go over the details of your case during a free consultation. We are proud to fight for financial compensation for residents of Long Island and New York, including Hempstead, Westbury, Queens, Hicksville, and Mineola. We are available whenever you need us.